Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stateless Things (2012)

Release Date: March 1, 2012

Language: Korean

Director: Kim Kyung-mook

Main Cast: Lee Paul, Yeom Hyeon-joon

Summary: Hyun, who is a gay prostitute. He gets to know Seong-hoon who is a separated fund manager. They begin to live together. But, they collapse after Seong-hoon's wife visited their place. Joon wanders about the downtown streets in Seoul and works for the gas station. Calling for clearance of overdue wages, he fights against the gas satation manager. He runs away with Soon-hee, an ethnic Korean.
The two boys strive hard to survive, but the Circumstance drives them despair. They decide to commit suicide. One faces death, through which the other meets new life.

Watch Trailer:

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  1. Do you know where I can Dl or purchase the film with eng subtitles?

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  3. wow, you finally post after so long! super excited ^^ thank you very much!

  4. where can i find this movie?

    Here you can download it without subtitles, to download click on the button "stáhnout" and then copy the code. I've found it thanks to my japanese friend, hope it helped. But I don't know where to find eng subs...

  6. Oh my God..
    thankyou so fucking much,, you really helped me,, im so desperate and then you gave me the link..
    thanks AW13

  7. Does anyone know where i can find english subtitles for this movie?

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